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Harold Fethe currently serves as vice president, human resources at Anacor Pharmaceuticals in Palo Alto, California. Before that, he was a founding principal at MindSolve Technologies, and senior vice president at ALZA Corporation — an S&P 500 company that was merged into healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson. He invented the powerful and intuitive graphical user interface for the Visual 360® performance appraisal system, now available from SumTotal Systems, and managed the completion and occupancy of ALZA Plaza — three towers in Silicon Valley totaling nearly a half-million square feet, now part of Googleplex. These days he also consults for businesses and non-profits, writes for a wide range of publications and projects, and performs as a jazz and rock guitarist.

 Business, organizational, and human resources consulting

 Writing, film and video scripts

 Jazz & rock guitar; performance schedule, booking information


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Last September, Harold joined Anacor Pharmaceuticals in Palo Alto, California as vice president, human resources. Anacor is a biopharmaceutical company with six product candidates in development, focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel small molecule therapeutics derived from its novel boron chemistry platform.

Workforce Week, an e-newsletter for human resources professionals, with over 200,000 circulation, frequently asks Harold for contributions. His response to a question about training from a Stamford, Connecticut hospital in the 8/18 edition is reproduced here.

Industry Week 8/11 featured Powerspeaking's Speaking Up program in "Nine Rules for Pitching Ideas to C-Level Executives," with embedded video of Harold, General Robert Drolet, and former Agilent CEO Ned Barnholt

The "class picture" for Speaking to the Big Dogs 2.0, including Powerspeaking founder Rick Gilbert and trainer Melissa Schwartz.
Silicon Valley executives gathered to update Powerspeaking's hit video, Speaking to the Big Dogs. Harold Fethe joined Net Apps CEO Dan Warmenhoven, Propel CEO / founder Steve Kirsch, Vanguard Ventures Managing Director Dan Eilers, Edwards LifeSciences CFO Corinne Lyle, and Brigadier General Robert Drolet in a lively video shoot. Powerspeaking founder Rick Gilbert said, "We need the trained eye of an anthropologist. Margaret Mead is long gone, so we have Harold Fethe. Your insights have just been stellar..."

During the July 9-10 weekend, Car Talk, with over 4 million listeners, broadcast Harold's original song "Drives Out Good" during episode 1128. You can find the song in high-resolution audio here, and in mp3 here. Thanks, Tom and Ray!

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